Ontario, Canada. Land of the Tim Hortons. Land of the Canadian Smarties. Land of actual autumn. 

      As I mentioned before, I was in Canada two weekends ago. I’d been to the great white north before, in 2004, but I’d never been to this particular corner of the world. After living in drought conditions here in Austin for many months, I left Texas right before the wildfires started burning and was in the cool land of the metric system and temperature-gauging in Celsius. My conversions were rusty; I accidentally went on a 2.5 mile walk to downtown Kingston after hearing a hotel employee say “4 km” and I said in my head, “Oh! Less than 2 miles? Easy.” But I guess on the way to downtown I did stop in a store to make sure I was going the right way, and I saw these…

      I am baffled. Chips that taste like ketchup?! Also, Canada? We need to talk about this:

      I’m going to hazard a guess and say that this is NOT real Texan food. One of my Canadian friends told me that this place is a chain and it’s probably terrible.

      The wedding I shot was on Bobs Lake in Kingston. It was absolutely gorgeous. I went out there the day before the wedding for the rehearsal brunch and Meredith told me to just sit and relax. Everybody else was busy getting set up, decorating the tent, chopping up fruit, but I had the privilege of sitting by the water’s edge, dipping my feet into the lake, and just… relaxing. My view was pretty much this:


      When I sat up, it looked like this:

      I couldn’t have asked for better hosts. Everyone was so nice and amazing. I’ll share the wedding soon, but I just wanted to show a few little photos of the things I — for lack of a better word — snapped.

      Also, the aviation geek in me went crazy over this tiny Beech aircraft. I rode one into Kingston from Toronto and rode another one out. It’s the size of a school bus and has the tiniest bathroom ever in the back. I loved it!

      I rarely go anywhere on vacation so it was really nice to be able to fly in and enjoy hours of exploring a different city and relaxing by a beautiful lake in 80-degree weather. It has only been a week since I got back and I already miss it.


      Oh man you should see the kinds of potato chips they have over here: Prawn Cocktail being the most disgusting in my opinion. Also that plane. I would not love it.

      Oh.. we weren’t looking at the city fire department having a margaritaville patio?

      You didn’t try the chips?! Now you’ll have to come back.

      So I know those ketchup chips sound nuts, but they’re amazing. Eat a whole bag at the border amazing.

      Hmm maybe I should’ve bought a bag.

      Love it! And that view?!?! Ah..mazing!