Just a short and sweet Frabjous Friday today, since I was out of town for a lot of the week and I’m still slowly catching up! (It feels like a Tuesday to me.)

      Canadian Smarties!!!! – re-watching old movies that I love (A Knight’s Tale, The Fifth Element) – cool weather in Austin (89 degrees feels like 50 after the summer we’ve had!) – United Airlines losing one of my checked bags in Chicago but then finding it and delivering it straight to my house (it could’ve been worse, and it was just clothes, but hey, my favorite jeans were in there!) – s’mores cookies – my first time on a Beech aircraft the size of a schoolbus #avgeek – wedding-day mohawks!

      Just a few more from Meredith and Nic’s amazing wedding before I end this short week of posts… I can’t wait to share the rest soon!

      Shot with the Sigma 50 f/1.4 at 1.4. Dreamy.

      I wish Texas had autumn like this.