Frabjous Friday, everyone! Here is a collection of frabjous links and items from around the web.

      • Awesome blogger (and a gal I’ve known since our days on livejournal together) Kate Miss shares the best chocolate-chip cookie recipe in the world. I have yet to try them, but they are on my list… even if they are made with butter.
      • A senior (high school, not elderly) photographer “fires” seniors for being mean to others on Facebook, writes about it, and people around the world are writing on her Facebook fan page wall thanking her for standing up to bullies.
      • In celebration of New York legalizing gay marriage, A Practical Wedding and a handful of Team Practical went to New York to marry two couples at “YAY NY!” Meg live-blogged the event!
      • My friend Caitlin shared The Cat Scan with me and I can’t stop laughing. I scanned my fat black cat Scout just for y’all, and as I suspected, he’s so fat that he can’t even show his paws on the scanner glass.
      • I don’t even know what to say about this music video by  Japanese pop artist Kyary. Pee Wee’s Playhouse meets J-pop.
      a cat scan of the fattest cat ever

      Frabjous things from my week –

      I finally got a Spotify invitation (thanks, Robert!) and I’ve been listening to “Watch the Throne” tonight; so far it’s really good – a husband who buys me a vegan chocolate-chip cookie from Whole Foods because I whined that I wanted one! – I bought a Kelly Moore B-Hobo bag in mustard yellow and I can’t wait for it to fall into my clutches and test it out on a plane trip next week! – I talked to a lady tonight who told me that she and her fiancé met because he overheard her talking about Firefly in a coffee shop and had to introduce himself… Joss Whedon, bringing people together! The thought of that makes me so happy for some geeky reason – Received an invitation to one of my clients’ weddings (that’s always sweet) – I watched Drew open his wedding photography package and it was the first time I saw a client’s reaction, which was awesome – Austin got a slight bit of rain (though we could really use more) – Restarting yoga (especially downward-dog pose) has loosened my shoulders so much; I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get back into it! – emailing back and forth with Christy Tyler throughout the work day brightens my entire world (she is a sweetheart) – I’m re-listening to The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, and realized that his new book is out so when I finish refreshing my memory, I can move on to the next book! – Scout patiently let me scan him even though I could tell that the sound freaked him out a little.

      How was your week? :)