I’m thrilled to share my new beautiful wedding albums!

      Here are two samples: a 12×12″ flushmount showcasing the story of Lauren and Jared’s wedding, with an Almond linen cover, cameo photo cut-out, and embossing; and Rachelle and Stephen’s wedding in a 10×10″ flushmount with a Maple leather cover and embossing.

      These albums are absolutely top-notch — they feel good, smell good, and even sound wonderful as you open them and turn the pages. They are the perfect heirloom for your new family and a wonderful keepsake.

      More photos and pricing information can be found on the updated Albums page.

      More photos and pricing information can be found on the updated Albums page.


      The Albums are beautiful and I really love the linen one. But is it bad that the only thing I could think of while looking at this was “Wow, that’s so meta Elissa. Taking pictures that look so real and crisp of printed pictures that you took the pictures of real people.”

      Haha, Liz, you crack me up! :)

      So lovely! Your designs are awesome. Can’t wait to get some myself!

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      So pretty! I can see why you love love them. I want one of our wedding now :-)