Hand in hand, they talked towards the beautiful Texas Capitol building. They took a few selfies in front of the building. They talked and kissed quietly. But what Erica didn’t realize was that her life was about to change. Unbeknownst to her, Christopher had picked out a gorgeous ring months earlier during SXSW and it was burning a hole in his pocket. He called her family ahead of time and asked that they fly in from Pennsylvania. Friends and family were waiting in anticipation at the Red Room downtown, sipping glasses of pre-celebratory red wine and waiting for the happy couple to burst in with the news.

      On the Capitol grounds, Christopher pulled the ring out of his back pocket and got down on one knee.

      Erica said yes.

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      These are beyond gorgeous, absolutely lovely images.

      I love this moment when she is so surprised. Great work! :)

      How does one coordinate their outfits on a proposal? Ha! These are so cute. Love how he invited family and you could capture that too!

      So sweet! Love the look of pure joy on her face :)

      I just love the expressions.

      Really like your “establishing shots” at the beginning.

      So full of emotions. Beautiful!

      Such a great set of images! She looks so freakin’ excited :) Adorable!

      Ahhh jealous! Great scene :D

      How flippin sweet it that, great photos and beautiful light!

      This is so cool! I love your sneaky shots while he was proposing! Congratulations to the couple!

      So fun and so sweet! Love the exclamation in the second to last shot.

      I love that you got to capture this! He is so awesome to have planned all of this and to even have an amazing photographer ready for the moment.

      Beautiful stuff Elissa, loving the raw emotion!

      This is so great! I love that you got to be a stalker, haha.