I like to think that I do a good job with customer service. My couples are my #1 priority and I try my very best to exceed their expectations in every way. I know there is always room for improvement, so I’ve started sending out surveys to my past clients asking for their opinion on the service and value they received. Some opted to stay anonymous, while others gave permission to use their names and comments as I wished. So I’ve compiled a few of my past couples’ words into this lovely client testimonial post, which I thought might be nice to share :)

      Full disclosure: not all of my past clients filled out the form, but of all of the ones who did, the responses were all positive.

      I’m hoping that this post, if seen by the right set of eyes, will push a few people over whatever edge they’re leaning on and they will hire me ;)

      brides embrace

      From Toni, of Jess & Toni’s Restaurant ceremony

      We really were drawn to Elissa’s contemporary style. We googled LGBTQ friendly and she was listed. We love her work. Very friendly and made it very comfortable to work with her.

      la grange lutherhill ministries wedding photography

      From Emily, of Emily & Bill’s La Grange wedding

      I’d seen a few of Elissa’s weddings featured on APW and always thought they were lovely and light-filled. When I started following her blog before we’d even started planning the wedding, I found that she seemed like she’d be a great friend as well. She was the first photographer I sent an inquiry to and the one I was the most excited about getting a positive reply from. I knew that Elissa would be able to capture our wedding the way we remembered it perfectly, and she did. Her ability to be present and sense the personality of the couple, event and space while still infusing her artistic style into her photographs are her greatest strengths.

      portraits at the studio at fischer pool

      From Angelica, of Angelica & Christopher’s Studio at Fischer wedding –

      I never doubted your ability and got fantastic photos in return. Everything was delivered ahead of schedule and never compromised the quality of the work. I have received SO many compliments on my photos and album, there’s no doubt in my mind that it was worth every penny.

      ceremony shot outdoors at mercury hall

      From Liz, of Liz & Steven’s Mercury Hall wedding

      I feel they [our photos] were worth doubly what I paid. Elissa has always been and is increasingly a better photographer every single day. Her style and keen eye are amazing and the quality and techniques are top notch.

      My experience with Elissa during the wedding was truly the best vendor experience I could have had. She made it stress free and was incredibly supportive and knew exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks so much for an amazing experience.


      Reading these makes me purr in my chair a little bit. Thank you to my wonderful clients!