Now that Emily and Bill are successfully hitched (hooray!), I’m able to share a few photos of the bridal session we shot together in January! Texas was having some very strange weather; the day before we shot this, it was 40 degrees; then 24 hours later it was 70 and cloudy! Sometimes, the erratic behavior of Texas weather can have excellent results.

      I’ve been waiting to share these for months! Doesn’t Emily look beautiful?


      Amazing work Elissa… these images are detailed

      Gorgeous work Elissa, love all the details and the shot with her veil is awesome!

      This session rocks, beautiful bride + beautiful work = awesomeness

      I love bridal sessions. Such a great idea. These are beautiful too!

      Nice…beautiful work Elissa!!

      She’s a natural beauty <3 The last one is totally my favorite.

      Beautiful Elissa. She looks gorgeous!

      Great work Elissa, absolutely beautiful bridal session! Keep rocking!

      Thank you again for these, Elissa. I’m so lucky we had time/place convergence! I love them : D

      Beautiful, beautiful bride, Elissa. She must be so happy with these. Thanks for sharing!

      LOVE! Very soft and romantic. Great job!

      What a wonderful shots, and really nice tones.

      got some really awesome compositions here :) lovely processing too!

      Lady, you nail composition & layering (foreground/background) every time! These are absolutely stunning!!!

      Really gorgeous images, Elissa… I love her boots with the dress!

      I absolutely love bridal portraits, and these capture something so beautiful and sweet! I really love this set! Beautiful work!

      She’s gorgeous, and I love how you frame things Elissa, each of your photos is so conscientiously composed.

      Gorgeous stuff Elissa!

      Emily looks DIVINE :D

      What a gorgeous, sweet bride! Beautiful portraits.