For those who don’t know Caitlin… well, here’s a little recap. She’s twenty-two. She’s hilarious. And she’s pretty darn talented with a camera, too.

      The conversation that ensued before we scheduled this session went a little like this:
      “Elissa, will you take my senior photos?”
      “What is a senior photo?”
      “You know, when people graduate from college and they send out announcements… They include photos with the graduation invitations.”
      “Oh. Um, sure?”

      So I took her senior photos. I never did senior photos, and this was my first time photographing one. Now I’m wondering if I missed out on something… because we had a fun time wandering around a half-built house trying to avoid nails that were poking out of the ground, and then later Caitlin bought me a cupcake. If I did college over again, maybe I’d take some photos at the end of it and try to make it into a cupcake-eating session. Any reason to eat cupcakes is fine by me. :)

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      Yay!!1! Congrats Caitlin :) I love the one with the three pink chairs.

      Very cute! Excellent Work!

      Oh the one with the pink chairs! Loveth! Absolutely wonderful :)

      These are so, so, so awesome Elissa! I loved them! :)

      La la looveee the photo of her in the pink chairs. All that pastel with those stripes? It a dream. =) Also – Caitlin looks gorgeous!

      Awww, it’s Caitlin! The first two photos are my favorite!