Personal Brand Photographer | Austin

      Personal Brand Photography in Austin

      What is “personal brand photography”?

      Personal brand photography is more than just beautiful photos.

      It’s social media influence.

      It’s you and your product, distilled.

      It’s easy-to-understand, professional photography that is suited just for you, your product, and your audience.

      I want to “get” you, so that you can get your followers — so that your product will sell — so that your social media game can be “on point.”

      Because, let’s face it, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd nowadays, and sometimes you need an extra hand.

      Expand your brand in Austin with pro photos

      So how do we do that?

      Once you contact me, we will discuss your business, your current social media usage, and your goals. We’ll then talk about our strategy to engage your audience better, and set up a time to shoot. We will also discuss frequency of photo sessions — be it seasonal (4x/year) or monthly, and duration of our time together.

      From a solo career, to a small team, to a larger business: photography can benefit a range of entrepreneurs and influencers like yourself

      Personal Brand Pictures for Entrepreneurs and Influencers

      What you receive when we work together…

      • A customized experience with a professional photographer as your collaborator and art director
      • A digital download ready within two weeks of our session, optimized for Instagram and Facebook usage
      • No watermarks & no requirement to tag — while I’ll hold copyright, you are free to use the images as you see fit for your business

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      I’m super excited to help you build or further grow your brand!

      Monthly/1 Year – $11,000 $5400 (introductory rate)

      We meet 12 times within a 12-month contract. Each session yields at least 30 unique images so that you can post to your social media accounts daily. This is the best way to keep your audience engaged with your most up-to-date happenings and products. It also yields current images of things like hair colors and outfits.

      ($450/session; 20% due at contract signing)

      Seasonal – 4x/12 months – $4000 $2000 (introductory rate)

      We meet 4 times within a 12-month contract. Best for those entrepreneurs and influencers who would like to update for the seasons and can possibly supplement social media accounts with some of their own content.

      ($500/session; 20% due at contract signing)

      One-off – $1500 $500-800 (introductory rate)

      Best for influencers who are not local to the Austin area but would like professional photos of themselves in and around Austin landmarks. (100% due at contract signing)

      Sounds great; let’s do this

      I will be taking a limited number of clients per year, so if you’re interested, please contact me soon! Email me and let’s get this conversation started!