Every person you see here is an everyday person. No professional models.

      Originally coined “experimental portraits,” I’ve been shooting unconventional portraits of people I know or met on the street. I’ve enjoyed them so much that I’ve decided to offer them to the general public as well. You don’t need to be a model — none of these people are professional models. You don’t need to know how to pose — I help you with that. You just have to be open to the idea that we’ll be making some weird portraits, and to love the process and results as well.

      This isn’t a shoot where you necessarily get a “beautiful” photo of yourself. This is a shoot where you get a weird-ass photo that embodies the character or the soul you inhabit the day that we shoot.

      Trust that we’ll make some amazing photos together. It’s a collaborative process, you and me. Are you into that? Let’s do it.