austin hyde park wedding

      Let me share one of the best moments of Tatiana and Daniel’s nighttime wedding at olive & june. The vows were read, the couple laughed throughout their ceremony, and the sun had set. Dish after dish was brought out to the long table of twenty-something friends and family gathered for this intimate celebration. Tatiana had a contingent of fellow Brazilians, and people toasted the couple with short, anecdotal speeches. Finally, Daniel stood up and thanked everyone for attending. “We’re so happy you could all be here because in eight months Tatiana is expecting…”

      He paused for effect, as everyone at the table started whooping and clapping. “…to become a US citizen,” Daniel finished. The applause gave way to laughter.

      And that is the kind of wedding Tatiana and Daniel put on. It was gorgeous, it was full of intimacy despite multiple languages, it was small, and it was perfect. Even looking through the photos now for this blog post, I can hear Tatiana’s amazing laughter. Love, love, and love.

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      awesome wedding and great storytelling.

      second to last frame ftw.

      Love the shot by the sign of them laughing – that should a photo in every single room in their house!

      Fab intimate event which looked like great fun, captured beautifully

      Really beautiful work, Elissa! It’s full of happy and and sweetness but you bring a little extra something special to it, I think. Love.

      First image is so nice!!! And the rest is of course beautiful to.

      What a lovely intimate wedding!

      So Nice. I love it so much

      So much happy in this post! Really gorgeous coverage, Elissa!

      Oh these two are so adorable!! I LOVE all the laughter in this wedding, it leaves me feeling very joyful.