Elope in Texas

      “This is,” Jessica told me, “an honest-to-goodness elopement. Nobody knows.”

      Four people.

      Jessica, Jasen, Jasen’s brother Harrell (the officiant), and myself. Those are the people who were in attendance at Jessica and Jasen’s tiny elopement in Round Top. To say I was honored would be an understatement. These two beautiful people had been planning a big wedding, but life got in the way, and their plans were scrapped. And then… they just decided to go for it. They told their folks they were going to a nice little B&B out in Round Top for a weekend getaway, and orchestrated a gorgeous little wedding on the steps of a renovated barn. A fresh strawberry-rhubarb wedding pie from Royer’s completed the day.

      I could gush on and on about how much I loved this teensy wedding and being a part of this lovely couple’s amazing day, but I’ll just let some of my favorite photos do the talking. And since their parents and friends know now, I can share freely! Congratulations, you two :)

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      More credits: Venue is The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell in Round Top, TX; Jessica’s dress by Ruche & her wedding ring by Brilliant Earth; pie by Royer’s; florals by Tricia Barksdale Designs


      Beautiful Images, love your style

      Wow so sweet. You did a great job, well done.

      Oh that’s amazing. Stunning.

      Full disclosure: I wanted to elope and got vetoed so I already love every elopement ever, but seriously this is soooooo gooooood. The emotion in their faces during the ceremony is just beautiful and the brother’s look during their first kiss…Ahhh, I just love it.

      Really like that last shot through the doors. And I love the “ringbearer,” lol.

      I love this teeny wedding! What a perfect day!

      This is the sweetest wedding i’ve ever seen :’) I love your site too, and your processing is lovely. x

      This is great, Elissa. It really does feel intimate and sweet…I love it.

      What a wonderful wedding, so beautiful. Great photographs.

      So delicate and beautiful, well done!

      Dinosaurssss! I love this.

      BOOM! Every frame is amazing! That’s how its done – gorgeous photography!

      What a beautiful and intimate wedding! I love the venue and the great close-up shots you got during the ceremony!

      You know I love this one! Beautiful work!

      So pretty Elissa! I love the Bride’s hair!