Last year I posted my Wedding Photography Wishlist, and happily, a few of those items have been checked off. Let’s see…

      Well, that’s good and all, but all the things I haven’t shot between last May and now…

      • a wedding with a piñata
      • a reception in an aquarium
      • a groom in dress blues
      • if you’ve got pink hair… well, let’s change this to any unconventional hair color!

      So now let’s add to that list…

      • a wedding with fireworks (not just sparklers, but fireworks)
      • I know that weddings with big balloons were all the rage in 2009, but I missed out on it, so I’d like to bring that back.
      • any geeky themed wedding (Star Wars, LOTR, Harry Potter, etc.) — I’m a nerd, too! Let’s nerd out together!
      • 1930s-inspired (like Mary Crawley’s from Downton Abbey)
      • weddings with any of the following: French macarons, flower head crowns, or tons of polka dots
      • more proposals!

      mary and matthew crawley

      And venues! I still haven’t booked any past or future weddings at these locations, and I’m still dying to shoot at:

      Along with a few more…

      • any wedding or session in an art gallery
      • a session at a ghost town
      • Barr Mansion – I’ve helped out at a few weddings there, but not one where I’ve been the primary shooter :)

      ghost town photos 7

      So come on, let’s do this! :)


      I want a bride with a Lady Mary-esque dress SO BAD.

      Piñatas are THE BEST EVER! …That is all.