I realized I don’t do enough previews these days. And really, this wedding needs a preview, because it was so epic that I know I’m going to tweak a nerve trying to get these photos done fast enough to share them all.

      Hannah and Brent were the first couple to take a chance on me being in business in 2013. They hired me waaaay back in 2011, and had faith that I’d turn out to be a decent enough photographer. I really hope I proved them right.

      Three from their wedding in the Woodlands last weekend…

      woodlands resort ceremony bride and groom tiny in cornerbrenizer method pano

      Happy Friday!


      Sweet deal; awesomely sparse compositions.

      whoa. whoa. whoa. STOP IT. Okay… don’t stop…

      So pretty, Elissa. Next level.

      Oh my gosh these are incredible! You guys were busting your butt all day to get those perfect shots. I’m so glad you were our photographer

      You da bomb at photography.

      Just whoa. That last one is INSANE lady!!!

      Prismd & Brenizered goodness. Very lovely.

      Holy macaroni – that last one is unbelievably gorgeous. Brenizer?

      @Katie Jane – Yup! :) Thanks!