cardigan and modcloth dress for engagement shoot

      If it’s possible to give out awards for happiest first emails, Erin would have won the gold medal. The first time she reached out to me — over a year ago — she used so many exclamation marks that I found myself grinning. Hi! I’m Erin! I’m engaged to marry Pete! And the fourth thought I had after he proposed was, “HOLY SHIZZ I CAN FINALLY HIRE ELISSA TO PHOTOGRAPH THE WEDDING.”


      So this engagement session is a long time coming. And although we were not blessed with amazing Texas sunlight — it poured all day — we ran with it. It’s wonderful having clients who say, “We trust you; do what you want.” So we played with light. We spent a lot of time together. We had cupcakes at Sugar Mama’s, got eaten alive by mosquitoes in Enchanted Forest, and Erin ruined a pair of beautiful blue suede pumps at Castle Hill graffiti park, but we made some beautiful photos. I’m so excited for Erin and Pete’s wedding this November :)

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      Very very cute and simple engagement. I’m a big fan of flash, as that’s something I’ve been really adding to my own work… so that really caught my eye!

      That e-mail is so lovely! Oh, it’s so amazing for a photographer to get people as clients who are so excited and trust us :) Awesome. Beautiful photos!

      Oh I love that last frame! So sweet!

      Lovely shots, especially like the umbrella one.

      Love that top frame! So cute!

      Your light work is masterful – love these shots!

      Love this! The hands and cupcake shot melts my heart, but they are all awesome!

      You are the awesomemest at nighttime lighting!

      Great stuff, and that first frame is especially awesome :)

      That last shot with the umbrella = GORRRRRGEOUS!

      a great collection of images

      You really made the best of it! Love all the different lighting.

      Also I think maybe Erin looks like me. That doesn’t come up much!

      What a sweet couple! I love your use of OCF. Oh and I LOVE this postcard comment thingy :)

      What an awesome session!! You’re so creative to shoot at night!

      I believe these are the best engagement photos that I have ever seen. Love them….they are awesome!

      First of all, I just have to say that I love your blog…layout, design, colors etc :)

      Second…I love these photos! They are so ‘real’ and it sounds like your client must be over the moon to have you based on that awesome email. I’m really fond of the second image…awesome stuff!

      You are my favorite, Elissa! Thank you so much for being SO AWESOME AND AMAZING and for editing out any Mama June faces. I can’t wait to see you again in a few weeks (oh god)!

      There were no Mama June faces to begin with :) I’m so excited, Erin!!!

      Love all of these, but that last one is so fantastic!