Well, well. The survey results have come in and I was actually pretty surprised by the response. Let’s get down to business.

      92% of you readers are ladies. I expected that. It was also no surprise that 72% of you are between 23 and 29 years old. (Only one person younger than 23 responded, 17% were from 30-35, and 1% of readers were over 35.

      But I did have a little jolt when I realized that the majority of my readers are married. I guess it makes sense that many people read me regularly because they like my work, and those who are just passing through, checking out my portfolio and my pricing before heading out to another photographer’s website to shop some more, would not respond to a survey that they believe has nothing to do with them. Which is why I thought it was interesting that 3 respondents are actually thinking of hiring me. Who are you, my beautiful people? I am pretty keen to talk to you! :) Anyway, the breakdown for relationship statuses were: 61% married, 18% engaged, 15% in a relationship, and 0.5% single. I’m not sure why that doesn’t add up to 100% but my math is great, so don’t judge.

      A few of you are dreaming of hiring me one day, which is nice, but most of you readers (47%) are okay with the possibility that you’ll never be photographed by me. I guess I’m okay with that if you’re okay with that. 17% of you are past clients who stick around. 3 of my current clients read me regularly! Aww. Who are you? Also, which one of you just ordered 500 felt balls for your wedding? I want to know!

      Biggest of all, to me, was where you’d found me originally. I was expecting a lot of “I’m your friend! Gosh!” responses, but in truth… 47% of you found me through A Practical Wedding whereas only 31% are real-life friends or family. That’s nuts to me.

      Y’all like to look at (in order of preference): weddings and engagements (I would hope so!), tips for clients and behind-the-scenes stuff (I did not realize that was so popular or well-liked), other personal / life / thoughts posts, then working for yourself posts, nail polish, and finally, books. Those of you who like book posts really like them, but on the whole they didn’t seem to be very popular.

      Y’all asked for more: tips for clients / behind-the-scenes posts (really?), other personal / life / thoughts posts (huh), weddings, nail polish, and working for yourself. One person said more books. Well, I’ll still post about books — you can’t really get around that, since I am such a bookworm — but, preferences noted, internet.


      Anyway, since so many of you were interested in “behind the scenes” stuff, I decided to compile a bunch of photos where I am taking photos, or instructing the taking of photos, or doing something at a wedding, etc. I usually find these when I’m culling through shots taken by my second shooter, or when clients tag me in photos taken by their friends. Maybe now you can see past my carefully cultivated “look” that I share on the blog and see just now normal I am.

      I’m also about to let you in on a not-so-little secret: I basically wear the same two outfits to weddings. I have my dressy get-up (Anthropologie dress, black leggings, Earth shoes) and my pants get-up (tunic, twill pants, and my trusty ol’ Earth shoes). Now you know.

      Me + a guest messing with Olivia and Amy’s DIY photobooth! Is it worth noting that on all 9 photos that Olivia tagged me in, the caption is “Best Photographer Ever!”? Yeah, probably a good idea to mention that :)

      Somebody caught me directing the ring bearer during Angelica and Christopher‘s formals! I was tagged on Facebook by Angelica :)

      Liz (from Liz and Steven’s wedding) tagged me in these two photos, taken by a guest, at her wedding. I have no idea why I am not supporting more of my camera with my left hand. Bad form. Liz commented on Facebook: “I know I’m sadistic, but I really love the pictures of Elissa taking pictures b/c it’s just so funny to see how she was getting those amazing shots!” Hearts.

      This shot above, and the shot below, were both taken by my second photographer Caitlin. Top photo is moments before the first look at Nola and David’s wedding; the bottom is from Emily and Bill’s getting-ready.

      And this shot was taken by Mercedes, my second shooter for Ashley and Sebastian’s wedding (soon to be posted!). They started playing “Everybody” by the Backstreet Boys and that is MY JAM. Sebastian pulled me onto the dance floor and I spazzed out for a few seconds before getting back to work :)

      P.S. Have I mentioned how much I love my couples? Okay, I do :)


      If you can’t shoot our someday-wedding because we can’t get you up to Delaware/Maryland, I wanna come to Austin for a photo shoot!! (I’ve wanted to visit Austin since the days when you worked at Amy’s and introduced me to a world of ice cream tricks.)

      I love that photo of just your head and the camera. It’s hilariously awesome.

      Yep…you’re adorable when you work and I love your hair! Sweet post :)

      You look so adorable shooting!

      This is interesting. I think you could interpret at least some if not most of the 47% of people who will probably never hire you as people who also don’t live in Texas.

      I’m so glad you did this! And yes darling, we want to hear more from YOU about your life and fun things ;-) XXOO

      PS that last picture of you…amazing