Just a few, because if I had to name everything I love about being a wedding photographer, I’d write a novel.

      1. Being around happy people. Do you know how many surly people there are in every other workplace? Happiness is contagious.

      2. Getting to be around people during their most intimate, sweet, and touching moments — the stuff that all the guests don’t get to see.

      3. Hands-down, when one-half of the newly married couple loses track of their beloved and asks anyone nearby, “Have you seen my wife?” “I can’t seem to find my husband.” I love hearing the wonder and excitement of them actually saying — tasting — the new word. It makes my heart full.

      4. Cake.

      handmade diy wedding cupcakes

      5. Dance parties where I don’t have to dance :)

      Photos are from: Joy and Collin’s Hallowedding; a Round-Top wedding I second-shot for Emilia Jane Photography; a photo from this past weekend’s wedding (Diana and Michael — coming soon!); homemade cupcakes from Emily and Bill’s La Grange wedding; and Lauren and Jared’s rocking reception in San Antonio.


      It is indeed an awesome job, and we’re looking forward to doing it over and over again this summer!

      Yay! I love it! I’m grinning now!

      This made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. We have the best job everrrrr.

      Ha!! I love this! Especially number 3 – it’s so true! You can almost see the little grin on their face as they use those new words for the first time. Love it!!! <3 We are pretty lucky to get to do this for a living, aren't we?! Thanks for the reminder! :)

      YES! Before I even clicked into this post I loved it. And now I love it even more :-)