Glimpses of my week –

      Valentine’s week, short & sweet: vegan cupcakes from Sugar Tooth Bakery (same place we got our wedding cupcakes!) – Wocka Wocka from the OPI Muppet Collection.

      Truth be told, I think Sugar Tooth’s cupcakes are some of the best ever. You can’t even tell that they’re vegan — which is awesome, because butter-laden cupcakes give me a wicked-upset stomach. It’s like our new Valentine’s tradition, where Walt brings me a half-dozen red velvet cupcakes and I get to eat them with love in my heart and belly. Walt, who went to the renowned Mother’s Café (a vegetarian café in Austin) and didn’t order anything because he doesn’t like food without some sort of animal byproduct in them, has actually fought me for the last cupcake on past Valentine’s Days. So that’s saying something.

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      Liz and Steven’s Hipstery, Green, Nerdy, Jewish Lovefest – my awesome clients of the Whedon engagement session are on Glo-bride!
      In other news, have you seen the new Glo-site? It looks amazing. Matching themes for wedding websites AND paperless invitations AND keeping track of your online RSVPs and guest list? So good.
      Bent Objects – I love the zombie peanuts :)
      Hee hee, a little late, but Game of Thrones Valentines are still funny.
      Beautiful dancer photos by Cade Martin
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