Well, hello there. It looks like you’re here to see what’s been going on with me, personally, for the past month.

      It’s been hectic here. Walt and I moved to a new zip code (photos forthcoming). We went from a small apartment building with all wood floors, to a duplex with all carpet. The cats were not too pleased about the change at first — Scout in particular was incredibly freaked out when we started boxing up everything we owned — but they seem to be settling in!

      Nail polish this week: “Unpredictable” from the China Glaze Bohemian Collection. It’s green in one light, gold in another. Duochrome power!!

      I’m going to be totally honest. I’d been waiting for this nail polish collection to drop for months. I saw that the Bohemian Collection was made up of Duochromes and waited; stalked my local Sally’s for the release. The release got pushed back from July to August. I was so impatient that the day after we moved, when everything was still in boxes and we were eating Wendy’s drive-thru meals while sitting on the carpet watching the Olympics on a makeshift TV-stand-box, I went to Sally’s and asked if this collection was out yet. They had it in the back. The ladies there let me buy some early. I came home with four bottles of my favorite shades and painted them onto ten different fingernails, before even taking cups out of newspaper in the kitchen.


      duochrome nail polish

      I’m really not that bad, though! Just this collection :) I’m settling down now… and we’re almost totally unpacked!

      This week we had …
      An Epic Teaser of all the stuff that’s coming on the blog soon, and
      Angelica’s bridal session at the Studio at Fischer

      Happy weekend!


      haha – I love that you painted your nails instead of unpacking. A girl of my own heart! ;-) Can’t wait to see the other colors!

      Ooo that color is pretty! I’ve never heard of this chromatic thing, I’ll have to check it out!

      I love that color! Love it.

      Ohhhhh boy I really like that color. I just bought a $1.99 bottle of chromatic nail polish from Walgreens today and thought of you. I’ll post a picture later if I put it on today like I’m planning. :)