This is Part 2 of our fun Houston Museum District session with Rachelle and Stephen! If you’d like to see their previous engagement session that they won from A Practical Wedding, check it out here.

      Rachelle told me that when she and Stephen first moved in together, Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums was the only movie they owned and they watched it over and over. They had even dressed up as Margot and Richie for Halloween one year, and it had become a dream of hers to have a photo shoot as these characters. We decided to go for it!

      I seriously love every single shot that we took for this session, so it was really hard to narrow them all down!

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      Their authenticity even included Margot’s fake wooden finger (carved by Stephen himself) and Richie’s exact polo (gathered from Ebay).margot tenenbaum houston engagement session bokehrichie tenenbaum houston engagement session bokeh

      They look like they had a miserable time, but really, they were big goofballs who giggled so much! Here’s a little outtake :)houston engagement session outtake photo


      XD Themed shoots are the best, this is awesome!

      Cute! I loved that movie :) I also shoot at that church a lot so it was odd seeing it in this context. Took me a minute to figure out why it looked so familiar!

      OMGosh!!!! Tha’ts hysterical! I love that movie. These are awesome!

      I’ve never seen the movie, but I’ve seen these photos and they kick ass!

      These are so cool! Their love is a movie!

      Clever use of th architecture. These look really good like the poses quite funny

      FAV MOVIE EVER! They really nailed the expressions and the missing finger is an awesome touch.

      Awesome! One of my all-time favorite movies, and such a cool idea for an engagement shoot!

      LOL they are too cute! Love the commitment :)

      Hahah… I love people with a sense of humour (and ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ rocked!)

      This is absolutely ridiculous, and please can I be best friends with these two. I really began laughing (out loud) when I spotted the wooden finger in the cigarette smoking/far away door shot. Super. Stellar. And the subtle details are wonderful.

      Super well done. Those jackets rock!

      How cool are they? Who comes up with a Royal Tenenbaums-inspired session? Really awesome people, that’s who. I need a couple like this! Go Elissa!

      These are SO cute! The first few are my favorites; colors rock.

      hahah that’s so cool! headband!

      That’s a great concept!

      Yay! Awesome! Love the one where she’s leaning on him and they’re on the bench. Pitch-perfect.

      LOoks like it was a lot of fun! I esp. like the far-away shots with those doors in the background. Definitely spot-on composition in relation to those screenshots you showed me!