This is a special Frabjous Friday (already! even though this is only the second installment!) because I am going crazy over this proposal video.

      Apparently my husband Walt was in a juggling club* with the future groom, Nathan!  This entire video is amazing (I like the person in the banana costume the most)! I want to shoot their wedding so badly! And, well, if they already have a photographer, at least I can enjoy watching this awesome proposal over and over through the magic of Youtube… :)

      *Yes, this does mean that my husband can juggle to my amusement, and he can also ride a unicycle.

      Frabjous things from my week –

      I received some amazing news that I can’t quite share with the public just yet, so stay tuned! – White Chocolate Macadamia Clif bars – My Kelly Moore B-Hobo bag arrived on Tuesday and as soon as I put it through its paces I will share my thoughts on it I didn’t even take it with me traveling so this is moot! Oh well – the arrival of an international candy care package from my friend Pamela, though all of the chocolate melted in the Texas sun (well, freezer chocolate is better anyway!) – Adele’s amazing performance at the MTV VMAs – Gala Darling’s wedding video (her “Things I Love Thursday” was major inspiration for Frabjous Friday) – on that note, this also super-amazing video from APW‘s Yay New York! on LeahAndMark’s website (beautiful same-sex weddings… I had chills and tears watching this! I dare you to NOT smile while watching!) – walking into a Goodwill to look for a sweater and instead finding two shirts and four books for $20 – reconnecting with old friends!

      At this moment (probably), I am on a plane to Canada to soak in some wonderful weather (70 degrees vs. the 110 we’ve been having here in Austin) and to witness a wonderful lady I’ve known for more than 10 years get married on a lake!

      How is your Friday?