House on the Hill wedding reception

Katie & Phil | House on the Hill Wedding

White fluff. On that mild January day in Austin, Katie and Phil basked in the 60-degree weather with nary a whisper of white, fluffy snow, but their dog Marlena and Katie's white faux fur wrap were in attendance. Katie tenderly petted Marlena with her feet as she got [Read More...]
Austin wedding photographer // Elissa R Photography

Kara & Michael | Allan House Wedding

The night air was electric on New Year's Eve, the night of Kara and Michael's wedding. Kara bounded down the aisle of the church as Michael beamed back at her, and everyone in the audience grinned as they exchanged vows and rings. It was a chilly night in [Read More...]
Mercury Hall sunset pictures // Elissa R Photography

Annie & Philipp | Vegan Wedding at Mercury Hall

It's always a pleasure when a friend asks me to photograph her wedding. Annie and I, along with past clients Leah and Jenn, were in the same WWII studies course at UT together -- our "Normandy connection," I call it. We took all the same classes, wrote papers [Read More...]