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Rachael & Andrew | Modern Mercury Hall Wedding

A landscaper marries an architect and lo, their wedding was beautiful. As Rachael and Andrew grinned through their vows under the towering oak trees, we were treated to a backdrop of rustling leaves, warm sunlight, and a soft breeze. It was a gorgeous day in Austin, and the [Read More...]
austin wedding photographer

Lili & Andrew | Hotel Ella Wedding

October 31. Hallowedding. Lili's grandparents were married on Halloween, 1954. She and Andrew have a thing for anthropomorphic photos and brought animal masks for all of their guests -- masquerade and dance the night away! With rain pouring down buckets all week, Hotel Ella was the perfect sanctuary [Read More...]
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Austin Wedding Photographer | 2015 in Review

2015 was, by far, the busiest year I've had since starting this business. While photographing 20 large weddings and a handful of intimate weddings, elopements, and engagements, I also traveled to Vancouver, Portland, Seattle, Roanoke, Minneapolis, DC, and Maui. I read 60 books and wrote half of one. [Read More...]