On Pinterest, Photography, and Usefulness

It's funny; when I first got an invitation to Pinterest, probably a year or so ago, I had no idea what I was supposed to do with it. It can look kind of like a mosaic of color and things if you're poking around on the "popular" or "everything" [Read More...]
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How to Elope in Austin, TX

I've recently fallen in love with intimate, small weddings, like elopements or really tiny groups where everyone present could fit into a semi-circle around the couple. Elopements are like big weddings, distilled: all of the pieces are there -- couple, officiant, happy witnesses, some flowers and the rings [Read More...]
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Tips for Clients: Do I Feed My Photographers?

Short answer: Yes, please. Longer answer: I want to write this in the least entitled way possible, to help you (the client) get the best photographs of your wedding while also making my life easier. Let's talk about this with the 5 W's. Who: Your photographers. I can't speak for [Read More...]