Behind the Scenes | 2015 Edition

Once a year, I like to share a few of these goober-y, behind-the-scenes moments of me at work! Whenever I’m going through my second shooter’s files, I stumble across photos of myself looking a) pretty awesome, b) pretty silly, or c) pretty confused.

Some previous behind-the-scenes shots can be found here, here, and here. And since this spans most of 2015’s weddings, you get to see my hair change colors and lengths :)

getting the shot austin wedding photographer

“Oops, maybe Mako Mori could move out of the way for this one.”

creeping behind flowers austin wedding photographer

“Let me creep out behind these flowers, y’all.”

first look leader austin wedding photographer

There was no easy way to hide David from seeing his bride before the first look, with all the glass windows, so we improvised…. hahah.

maybe i should follow them austin wedding photographer

“Hmmm maybe I should follow them? Oh, right, the wedding party is going to recess, too.”

cocktail hour austin wedding photographer

I get so many comments about my camera holster. (You can get one, too! Back-saver!)

from the floor austin wedding photographer

Sometimes I get really well-acquainted with floors. I wash my hair after every wedding, you guys.

corner of the frame austin wedding photographer

Corner photographer!

hand in the frame austin wedding photographer

“Let me just fix this one hair… oh, you’re taking a photo? Sorrrryyyy.”

i arrange things austin wedding photographer

“I arrange things!”

instructing wedding party austin wedding photographer

I give a lot of instruction on the art of standing up straight.

stand up straight austin wedding photographer

See? “Think tall!”

light testing 2 austin wedding photographer

Trying some lighting stuff…

i change lenses austin wedding photographer

Here I am, totally getting caught changing a lens during a first dance.

strutting wedding photographer

And I strut my stufffffffff!

Thanks, Caitlin, Beom, and Drew!

Marynes & Chris | Sunset Day-After Session

gorgeous wedding photography

It’s not often that I have the pleasure of photographing a day-after session, but when Marynes asked if she and Chris could dress up in their wedding finery and watch the sunset glow from Mount Bonnell, I was all for it. We started with a more casual session at the Austin Greenbelt, then on went the wedding dress and up we hiked. Loving love, and loving this dress.

These two were married about six months ago, so this is more of a half-year-later session, but honestly? Even if it was ten years after the fact, I’m always down for people in love asking me to take their photos ❤️

greenbelt engagement session romantic austin engagement pictures austin greenbelt photos sweet moments between bride and groom day after session in austin austin waterfall engagement session creative engagement pictures best austin wedding photographers austin wedding photographer

Rain On Your Wedding Day…

Back in 2012 when Texas was in a perpetual drought, it was the easiest weather forecast for 99% of my couples. No matter what, we knew that their wedding day would be inclement-weather-free, and we rarely discussed anything besides the inevitable heat that would saturate themselves and guests.

But now that rain is making its way back into our everyday lives (hallelujah), I’ve seen an uptick in concerned emails about rain.

I am far from being a meteorologist, but I’ve been to a lot of weddings and photographed a lot of couples in many different weather conditions. I want to show you that awesome photos can be made in all sorts of “less than ideal” weather!

First, don’t freak out about a forecast that’s more than a week away.

Texas weather is so all over the place, there is no reason to fear a rainy forecast a week away, unless the meteorologist is saying the words “hurricane” or “tropical storm.” We can talk about contingencies then, but if it’s the “usual” Texas thunderstorm or rainstorm, by all means have your rain plan hammered out and in your back pocket, but I can almost guarantee you that Mother Nature will surprise us all.

Second, weather won’t always cooperate — but we can still rock it

Photography is about light, so manipulating light or finding solutions to unflattering lighting is one of the big things that photographers plan on.

On extremely sunny days, you may squint during your outdoor ceremony, but have amazing sunset portraits. Maybe it’s cloudy and we have wonderful diffused lighting, almost like a glow on you, during the ceremony, but you feel the sun is going down without any fanfare. Maybe it’s raining all day and you have to move everything indoors, much to your disappointment; but hey, we can make amazing nighttime rain portraits.

So let’s quell your fears and do some show-and-tell with light.

This was a cloud-free, sunny morning. Sunrise is a beautiful time of day to shoot.

austin elopement photographerMore from this wedding here…

Sun can quickly get very bright, about 2 hours after sunrise. This couple had morning brunch wedding and we found shade to soften the light during portraits. Harsh light can be pretty unforgiving, but luckily, trees are very handy.

barr mansion austin gardenMore from this wedding here…

However, harsh sunlight is fantastic against windows when you’re getting ready at your venue. So many possibilities! Silhouettes. Three-quarter profiles to the light. You can step forward into it and bathe in it or step away and get a more even glow all over.

bridesmaids getting ready at wedding

There’s an idea floating around that you need to have sun to make pretty photos, but gosh, cloudy days are fab because you can face any direction at any time of the given day and the shadows cast on your face will be gorgeous.

capitol building in background as wedding couple embraceswedding first look at the capitol austinMore from this wedding here…

It rained the morning before this couple’s ceremony, but the cloudy light during this afternoon ceremony was perfect during their vows.

bride and father in grass wedding aisle wide shot of mercury hall outdoor ceremonyMore from this wedding here…

It rained during this couple’s ceremony, and a bit after too. A tent and a great attitude made some pretty photos, though.

rainy wedding day bride groom portraitsMore from this wedding here…

It rained during this couple’s ceremony, too, so much that everyone was moved inside, but the weather cleared up long enough for the clouds to part right before the sun set.

austin wedding photographyMore from this wedding here…

In Maui, it rains often, but crazy rain clouds give so much character to an otherwise boring blue sky.

maui weddingMore from this wedding here…

And if you think that is individual to Maui — it poured during this couple’s ceremony, but stopped right after, and the clouds were just fabulous. A+, would shoot this again.

austin wedding photographerMore from this wedding here…

Sometimes, the day is cloudless and the sunset is the warmest, hottest rays of sun you’ll ever see….

buda wedding photographerMore from this wedding here…

Sometimes, the sun is so annoying that you’re glad to get in the cool shadows of buildings to photograph your portraits without sweating.

downtown austin wedding portraitsMore from this wedding here…

Sometimes it rains ALL DAY, flooding out roads to get your guests home, but even the rain plan looks so good…

amazing rain wedding picturesMore from this wedding here…

Or maybe it rains just a little, and the winter weather gives you some lovely clouds to remember your day.

Mercury Hall sunset pictures // Elissa R PhotographyMore from this wedding here…

It may rain off and on, a wonderful onslaught that soaks you quick, then disappears again, and even though there are hours of daylight left, it’s dark as dusk.

Hyde Park Austin engagement sessionMore from this session here…

Or maybe there is absolutely no light at all, except what the stars give us.

milky way wedding photoMore from this wedding here…

The takeaway?

There is nothing to be afraid of! Rain can make gorgeous photos. Clouds can make gorgeous photos. Crazy sun can make gorgeous photos. Keep a happy attitude and your photos will be wonderful. I promise.

Have questions? Need more information? Leave a comment!