Erik’s Proposal at the Austin Capitol

Austin, we’ve got something special going on. Erik and his girlfriend Claire were in a long-distance relationship — neither of them in Austin! — but when Erik decided to pop the question, he chose the beautiful, picturesque Capitol building here. And after Claire said yes, their families popped out of the trees and offered their heartfelt congratulations.

Many happy wishes to the excited couple!

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Deb & Zac | Austin Engagement Session

austin wedding photos

We picked over puddles and bundles of weeds, Deb’s curls floating behind her. Deb and Zac exclaimed over adorable dogs splashing in the Greenbelt, and laughed about how amazing the 70-degree weather was; they’d flown in from D.C., which was currently under ice.

These two were absolutely adorable and wanted a very “Austin” engagement session. We visited the Austin mural, we hung out at the South 1st Trailer Park & Eatery with some cake balls, and hiked the Greenbelt. I’m so excited about their wedding this October. Some of my favorites from their session…

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Hello, Friday | February 8-14

austin greenbelt

a pretty photo of Barton Springs from a recent walk

Do you ever have weeks where the weather is gorgeous but you don’t want to leave your house? I fear I stayed indoors too often this week, even though the lows during the day were in the 60s and the highest was around 80. I finally took a walk around Zilker Park near Barton Springs and ended up coughing up pollen later that night. I thought cedar season was over, y’all!

So I looked it up:



Sigh. At least I made plenty of dents in the books I’m reading. Currently:
Ishmael by Daniel Quinn (book club pick)
Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Have you read either of these? I’m really enjoying both of them!

Around the Web

• Apparently, now you can name an “executor” of your Facebook page. Not going to lie, I’ve wondered about this for ages.

• For you Potter fans, there’s a video making the rounds of Snape’s story in chronological order. I choked up a little bit, but I still think that Snape was a bit of a jerk. He hated James’ son so much he bullied him. You’re an adult, Severus! Do you have to take out your anger for the father on a kid you don’t even know? (I’ve gotten in a few arguments with Snape sympathizers on this topic, so I’ll just stop there.)

• There’s a tongue-in-cheek new Twitter account that pokes fun at all the clichés in Dystopian Young Adult literature (@DystopianYA) If you’re a fan of The Hunger Games, Divergent, etc., go read it and laugh!

• I blogged a boudoir session!

Novel Word Count: 12,613

Yes! Trucking away!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Walt and I are going to see Kingsman. Fun action movie for him; Colin Firth for me; it’s a win-win :) Happy weekend!