Chris & Erica | A Downtown Austin Proposal

Hand in hand, they talked towards the beautiful Texas Capitol building. They took a few selfies in front of the building. They talked and kissed quietly. But what Erica didn’t realize was that her life was about to change. Unbeknownst to her, Christopher had picked out a gorgeous ring months earlier during SXSW and it was burning a hole in his pocket. He called her family ahead of time and asked that they fly in from Pennsylvania. Friends and family were waiting in anticipation at the Red Room downtown, sipping glasses of pre-celebratory red wine and waiting for the happy couple to burst in with the news.

On the Capitol grounds, Christopher pulled the ring out of his back pocket and got down on one knee.

Erica said yes.

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Caroline & Mitch | 5226 Elm Wedding | Houston

rose garden Houston wedding

Caroline and Mitch packed up and moved from Houston to New Orleans after they hired me to shoot their wedding, and every photo shared on Caroline’s Instagram made me want to stroll down the streets of the Big Easy sipping drinks and soaking up the sun. We met for the first time on their wedding day at the amazing and modern 5226 Elm in Houston, but it was like we were friends already. The two invited so many of their friends and family that the venue was packed with well-wishers, along with the delicious smell of Tex-Mex, and the sounds of their live band.

I can’t get over the beautiful small touches — Caroline chose her turquoise earrings from a shop on Portabello Road in London specifically for her wedding, for example — that made this wedding so special. And who could forget the funfetti cake!!!, Caroline and Mitch’s dog “hosting” cocktail hour, and the Shinyribs rocking out the reception?

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More credits: Bloom Makeup Artistry, Culinaire Houston, desserts by Fluff Bake Bar, Hair by Liz, lighting by Impressive Events


marfa stars elissa

The world was so quiet that I could hear the muffled sound of a car driving minutes before it arrived. Cold wind blew on us as dirt brushed against our faces. Being out in the desert was a completely new experience for me; this was the first time I was ever so isolated from clumps of civilization. (And at night, with your naked eye, you could see thousands of stars. Like staring up at a whirlpool of salt.)

At one point on our return journey, I accidentally missed our intended exit and we modified our route by passing through Marathon, TX on our way to Fort Stockton. Hours between towns, cruising along with a road straight ahead of us, a road straight behind us, and mountains all alongside, there wasn’t another soul visible for miles.

Marfa was an experience. From our stay at the Hotel Paisano, to the long trek out to Prada Marfa, to the long drive stocked with beef jerky, Marina & the Diamonds, and a pillow in the backseat, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to compare it to anything else.

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Photos were taken with a combination of my Nikon D700, Canon EOS M, and iPhone. Photos of me jumping at Prada Marfa / sitting in the Chinati block by Kurt Bradley; Instax shot and photos of me “modeling” at Chinati Foundation by Caitlin McWeeney.