Barr Mansion Wedding

barr mansion front of house

The first time I saw Barr Mansion I said, “I’ve never seen a place more happily situated.”* Because it’s very true: the sweet little mansion sits atop a slight hill as the sun glows all around it. The elegant glass ballroom is tucked away behind foliage and gardens, and the food prepared by Barr staff is all local, organic, and delicious.

I had the good fortune to help shoot a wedding at the beautiful Central Christian Church and Barr Mansion with Kitty Sanchez a little while ago. I absolutely love Barr Mansion and would love to visit it again soon! 

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* Psst, that was a Pride and Prejudice line. I hope you caught that :)

Sometimes, You Strike Gold Twice

I struck gold the first time when I was born into the family that I have. My parents are awesome, I love my sister, and basically I’ve lived a charmed life.

I struck gold the second time when I married into Walt’s family. They are all amazing people and we recently visited Tulsa, where Walt’s grandparents live. Most of Walt’s dad’s family gathered for this family reunion and I shot a few photos :)

I was commissioned to take a giant family portrait (and inadvertently stuck myself in the corner of a 24mm shot… mehhh)!


But mostly I hung out in the pool without my camera.

b c d e aquarium wedding photography aquarium reception photos austin wedding reception held in an aquarium

On this trip, I learned:

  • My “new” Prius can go almost the entirety of the trip between Tulsa and Austin (about 450 miles, give or take) on one tank of gas — Oh, I haven’t written about my Corolla’s wreck, have I? That’ll be another day.
  • That aquariums, while pretty awesome-looking, are also kept at pretty cold temperatures — seriously, y’all, I was freezing in there.
  • That audiobooks on long drives are amazing. Gone are the squabbles about changing the song on the iPod. Walt and I contentedly listened to the second book in the Kingkiller Chronicles, The Wise Man’s Fear. We’ve both read the books once already, so the fact that the drive only used up about 25% of the book didn’t disappoint. Maybe when I make a trip to Marfa next year I’ll convince my passenger to listen to Harry Potter.

Pride & Prejudice Revisited

Those of you who know me know that I’m a big Pride and Prejudice fan. The last time I wrote about P&P, I blasted the 2005 version and unequivocally stated my undying love for the 1995 BBC version.

But recently… the sheen has worn off a little. I was re-watching the BBC mini-series for the umpteenth time with my friend Caroline and started to feel weird about it. (Side note: it’s a little jarring to watch P&P with someone named Caroline, who yells at the Caroline in the story — “Caroline! Why are you such a B?!!” I’m glad my name is uncommon because I’m not sure how I’d react if one of the biggest antagonists of a favorite novel had my name as well…) The more Caroline and I heckled the mini-series, the more it started to crumble at the edges. I still love it, but I’m not sure if I love it. (Which makes me sad.)

The BBC version is a wonderful adaptation of the novel. But there are awkward moments that scratch at the façade. Let’s hash it out.

1. Wickham.

Wickham is supposed to be this gorgeous hunk, right? He’s supposed to have “all the appearance of goodness” but with a wicked heart. But the BBC cast Adrian Lukis, easily 10 years older than he’s supposed to be, who looks like the uncle you don’t want to hang out with. At least the 2005 version cast Rupert Friend, who is believably handsome and pleasant-looking, and — oh yeah — young. 

wickham 1995

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