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This past weekend, I drove to Abilene and back for a wedding. I spend so much of my time looking at screens — and when I’m not looking at screens, I’m evaluating three-dimensional objects and flattening them in my mind’s eye as I snap a shutter — that I was surprised to find that the world is so… round. Not round in the “globe” sense, but that people, trees, poles holding up road signs, buildings… are all three-dimensional and have shadows. I know it sounds crazy, but lately I’ve been finding myself more or less cooped up inside editing, so seeing the real world was different.

The day after the wedding, as I was ordering breakfast in the hotel lounge area, I overheard the guy sitting in the table next to mine telling his story to the server. His car had broken down and this stop in Abilene was unexpected.

Here’s a little truth about me. I like talking to random people, as long as we’re not going to be stuck next to each other for hours. I like talking to people in passing, before it can get awkward. I like striking up short little conversations with my grocery cashier, or a person helping me pick out eyeshadow at Sephora, but I wouldn’t like to talk to my seat-mate on a plane ride unless I knew I had a book I could use as an excuse to ignore them after sufficient time has passed. I think it comes from having been in food service, and remembering that it’s nice to be acknowledged as a real human being and not just an automaton who will hand things over to a customer.

So I turned to this guy, who must have been somewhere between 20 and 22, and asked, “So your car broke down? That’s a bummer.”

We had no partners to have conversations with; he’d finished his breakfast already and I was still waiting on mine. So we talked across the aisle to each other about what brought us to Abilene on that particular occasion. Tom (as he was named) was coming back from Honduras; his alternator broke on the way to Lubbock, where he was about to start his next semester of college. Me, I had just been at a lovely wedding, and I explained to him that, no, I don’t actually get hired by bridezillas (thank goodness).

My food arrived and he decided to grab his taxi to the repair garage. We said our goodbyes and I thought, there goes Tom, a person with an entire life that I know nothing about, and I will never see him again. And if I do see him again, I doubt I’ll remember who he is.

I ate my breakfast, grabbed my things, and started on my journey back to Austin. The car ride was long and I was all alone with my thoughts and three mixed CDs. And as I drove, sometimes on a two-lane highway with no other cars anywhere in sight, on that artery from one inhabited city to another, I thought, Wow. I am just one person. And the world is so big.

And then I hit replay a few times so I could sing along with Mandy Moore to “Candy.”


I knew that this would be a rambling little post. It’s just something that was bumping around in my head after the wedding. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to share it, but hey, here I am.

Here’s something a little more familiar for you. This week’s nails: OPI’s “Kiss on the Chic” with Femme Couture’s “Hazelnut”… a little fun with tape:

bronze triangles pink background fingernails

In case you missed it this week:
5 Questions to Ask your Potential Wedding Photographer 
Maggie & Daniel’s “Homegrown” Wedding at Mercury Hall

Maggie & Daniel | Homegrown Wedding at Mercury Hall

mercury hall wedding

When Maggie contacted me back in July about her Thursday wedding, her email was so full of sunshine and happiness that I immediately wanted to be there — if not as a photographer, maybe as a guest! She explained that she and her fiancé Daniel were planning on an afternoon reception “with lots of lawn games, fun, and bright colors. As we are all about homegrown, local businesses, we are serving tacos and Quack’s cupcakes!” Add to the fact that Maggie and Daniel know my past awesome clients Polly and Rigel, and I just knew I had to be a part of this.

After their chilly first look on the Capitol grounds, Maggie and Daniel were wed at St. Elias Orthodox church downtown, and held their daytime reception at Mercury Hall. Surrounded by DIY paper flowers, colorful felt balls, lawn games, and giant cupcakes, the couple and their guests enjoyed hot cocoa, coffee, and heartfelt toasts. Special thanks to Stefanie at Your Wedding Your Way for keeping everything organized!

bride and groom first look at austin capitol grounds wedding first look at austin capitol grounds wedding first look at the capitol austin austin capitol wedding photos

“Say, are you doing anything later?”

capitol building in background as wedding couple embraces bride wears a bright orange jacket over her wedding dressbride wears a dress made with mothers lace

I loved Maggie’s Anthropologie coat that she wore over her dress. The lace on her dress is from her mother’s wedding dress! And because she can’t live without color, she included a mint petticoat, orange tights, and green shoes!

bridal portrait on capitol groundsbright tie for groom couple walks to the church downtown austin wedding items for orthodox christian wedding wedding crowns for orthodox christian wedding ceremony father gives away bride creative church wedding photo wedding ceremony at st elias church austinguests leave st elias orthodox church wedding service mercury hall wedding paper diy goods cupcakes at mercury hall wedding wedding cake at mercury hallaustin wedding toastswedding toasts at mercury hallguests hug at weddinglawn games during wedding reception austin wedding photographerdip kiss on mercury hall lawn mercury hall wedding austin

5 Questions to Ask Your Potential Wedding Photographer

austin bridal session at fischer studio

It’s a little bit after the holidays, which means it’s Booking Season here in wedding-business-land. There are so many engagements that happen over the holidays (Thanksgiving-Christmas-Hanukkah-New-Year’s) that when January rolls around, people are getting their ducks all lined up in a row with wedding-planning, and usually they get the big 3 booked around this time: venue, planner, photographer.

As such, I go on a lot of job interviews. Yup! Being a wedding photographer means that I meet with many potential couples to see if we’re a good fit personality-wise — they know my work from my website, but I think it’s really important that we click in person, because I’m going to be spending a lot of time with them on their wedding day… and if they don’t like me, well, it probably won’t be a good experience for either of us!

I like meeting new people and talking with them, and seeing if our expectations for wedding photography are on the same wavelength — for instance, if someone comes to me asking for all sepia and lots of cheesy poses, I gently steer them towards someone else who is more their fit. But one of the more frustrating parts about the interviews (or meetups, if we’d like to be less formal) is when someone pulls out a notebook and there are 30 questions from some wedding website for me to answer, including stuff that has no bearing whatsoever on the kind of job that I will do.

I get it — this is a new experience;  you don’t hire a photographer every day; you are taking notes from a business that has been guiding many other couples in a similar predicament, so obviously they have some knowledge about this whole adventure, right?

These are the top 5 questions that I recommend you ask during a face-to-face (or Skype video, or phone) conversation with your potential photographer.

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