On Pinterest, Photography, and Usefulness

It’s funny; when I first got an invitation to Pinterest, probably a year or so ago, I had no idea what I was supposed to do with it. It can look kind of like a mosaic of color and things if you’re poking around on the “popular” or “everything” feeds — a chaos of DIY crafts, fashion ideas, Jimmy Choo shoes next to homemade baby food recipes, etc. — and it can be really overwhelming.

But now that I’ve curated a bunch of my own little pinboards I can see how useful Pinterest can be! In fact, it’s a great little addiction (I sometimes pop on and pin things up to 5 times a day)!


But I really want my Pinterest to be more than just a place where pretty things go to sit. I’ve curated a bunch of pinboards that I think can help potential clients and current clients. Like:

Engagement session style ideas
Wedding hair and makeup inspiration
Cakes and sweets!
Short wedding dresses!
– and my favorite, pretty rings (some that are “traditional” and some that are quirky/fun)

I love following my clients on Pinterest to see what interests them or how they’re shaping their weddings. And on a personal note, it’s always lovely to jump in and have an affirmation conversation via pin — like if a client pins a shade of lipstick that is gorgeous so I re-pin — it’s like saying, “Yes, we’re on the same page. You have good taste and I agree with you”! Likewise, if I pin a floral arrangement that interests me and a client pins it onto her own inspiration board, it’s like we’re nodding our heads, going, “Mmhmm, I trust your judgment.” Haha :)

Some of my clients who follow me on Pinterest (and I follow them back) have exceptional style. I mean, remember Maeve in her shift dress and Jesse in his charcoal suit?

Interior pictures of olive & june austin

Ms. B. asked for a boudoir session after seeing my boudoir board, which is less of a “sex-kitten” board and more of a beauty board:

artistic Austin boudoir photos

And who could forget Brynn and her fierceness during her bridal session?

interesting bridal portraits

Pinterest is a really fun tool! Do you have a Pinterest account? Let’s follow each other! I can be found on Pinterest here.

Austin Wedding Photography Guides

austin wedding photographer

I’ve mentioned time and time again that I want to be a resource, rather than a hinderance, to the people who hire me. Many of my couples have mentioned in past reviews (or in conversation) that my presence was more like that of a friend than that of a vendor. I’m even friends with couples whose weddings I photographed years ago :) I’ve done it all: snapped pantyhose to garter belts, hugged trembling and anxious brides, offered bobby pins out of my hair, and troubleshot a bunch of inconvenient moments. I’ve also written a ton of tips for clients here on the blog in the hopes that it’ll ease people’s worries.

It seemed logical for the next step to be a printed “magazine” for my clients to read, instead of being plugged into my site all the time. So that’s what I did.

austin wedding photographer

This little booklet, which I’ll be sending to all of my “big wedding” clients for 2014 and 2015, covers a lot:

  • why do engagement sessions
  • best time to schedule an engagement session
  • ideas for locations and clothing
  • the pros of having an unplugged ceremony
  • why first looks are sometimes a good idea
  • how to organize family formals during the day
  • and my favorite — example timelines — to get people to start thinking about the layout of their wedding days

… all wrapped up with pretty pictures from past wedding clients so that folks can get pumped about all the gorgeous images we’ll be making together.

I’m very excited about this, and as soon as the big shipment comes in (today!) I’m going to bundle them up and ship them off! Clients, be on the lookout for a pretty package from yours truly!

austin wedding photographer

Oh, and I totally ate that raisin bun. Quack’s is delicious.

Terr Adorna with Modern Whimsy

Terr Adorna Manor TX wedding venue

A little while ago I had the pleasure of photographing a yoga shoot with one of my favorite Austin wedding coordinators, Mandy of Modern Whimsy. We’ve worked together at Liz and Steven’s wedding as well as Michelle and Klark’s wedding, but what some folks don’t know is that Mandy is an amazing yoga instructor (you can often find her at Black Swan Yoga). Mandy now offers relaxing day-of-wedding yoga with her clients to center them before all of the wedding festivities begin! We decided on Terr Adorna, an absolutely gorgeous wedding venue with a wall of mirrors that echoed a dance/yoga studio feel, to be the backdrop for this session.

I had so much fun with these ladies and I would love to shoot a wedding at Terr Adorna someday! I’ve included a few shots of this Manor, TX wedding venue because I can’t get enough of that modern/industrial feel… and that light. Amazing!

exterior picture of Terr Adorna in Manor TX Bridal yoga with Modern Whimsy Day-of wedding  yoga with Modern Whimsy Event Coordination Terr Adorna bridal suite Indoor fan Terr Adorna Interior Terr Adorna Modern wedding venue Austin TX Bridal room at Terr Adorna Yoga in Austin Wedding yoga Terr Adorna weddings Yoga friendly wedding Austin yoga wedding Terr Adorna outdoors View of Austin Terr Adorna