Chieko & Robby | Puerto Vallarta Day-Of Session

puerto vallarta wedding

I’d never been to Mexico before, but the light in Puerto Vallarta was so amazing, and the beach at the Dreams resort was so gorgeous, that it made my already-beautiful sister and her handsome husband ridiculously easy to photograph. I did not shoot their ceremony, their reception, their cake, or their decorations. As the maid of honor, I watched Chieko walk down the aisle on our father’s arm, and watched Robby’s face shine as he recited his vows. We shot their day-of session in the thirty minutes between ceremony and dinner as the sun began to set. It was lovely and wonderful and I’m really happy for them :)

puerto vallarta wedding puerto vallarta wedding puerto vallarta wedding puerto vallarta wedding puerto vallarta wedding

Amy & Carlos | A Japanese-Jewish Celebration at the Umlauf

japanese kimono wedding wear

This was one amazing multicultural wedding! Amy is part Japanese, part Jewish, and Carlos’ family comes from Central America, so there was so much fusion happening in one place. The couple wore kimonos for their ceremony and changed into a western-style dress and a guayabera for the reception. They incorporated a Jewish glass-breaking at the end of their ceremony and danced the hora later on! It was such a blast. Here are a few of my favorite moments and details from Amy and Carlos’ amazing blended fête!

kimono wedding at umlauf austin wedding kimono details umlauf garden wedding austin tx flowers in hair for wedding wear a bolero over your wedding dress prada wedding shoes colorful hanging lanterns umlauf orange centerpiece decorations happiness at a texas wedding groom at umlauf weddingjapanese jewish celebration austin wedding photographerumlauf wedding photography jewish tradition of breaking the glasswedding hugsaustin cakeball wedding cakeaustin wedding photographer intimate wedding portrait umlauf first dance father daughter dance at umlauf umlauf wedding reception gangnam style at wedding reception hora at a jewish japanese wedding celebration umlauf bubble exit

A few more credits:
Florals by Petals Ink., cake by Austin Cake Ball, catering by Pascals, music by Live Oak DJ (who played Gangnam Style, and therefore I love)

Albums. My Heart.

This week I received a large order of albums — delivered to me first for a quick check and photo documentation before I handed them off to their rightful owners.

I talk about albums a lot, but I can’t talk about them enough, so I’m writing about albums again. I love them. (Below: a photo of one album delivered to Isabelle (Bea) and Jonathan. That leather. Swoon.)

embossing on wedding album

Recently, I was with Steven and Liz as they opened their album for the first time. On Monday, I was there to watch Steven’s brother David and his wife Nola unwrap their wedding album. I watched them go through it for an hour as they held each other, got a little teary, pointed at a photo here and there as they exclaimed, “Oh, look at Grandma’s face!” or “I can’t believe he did The Worm,” and told me stories about some of the things going on behind-the-scenes (David bought a $200 tie the morning of the wedding because he refused to wear the clip-on rental, for instance).

For me, it was an amazing time: I was actually there as they re-lived the beautiful, happy, and memorable bits of their wedding aloud. Nola said, “I was floating most of the day. I didn’t remember much. Now going through this album, I remember all these moments. This was absolutely worth every penny.”

David said, “It seems like much more than an album. ‘Album’ feels like too insignificant a word for what this is. You should call it a novel.”

spine of wedding albumwedding album with cameo

Being there, listening to their comments as they leafed through their album, was immensely gratifying for sure — but when I started to filter it all I realized this was a valuable experience. Pretty things are pretty, but people are key. Nola and David told me that they’d agonized for hours over one of the spreads when they were revising their design — not of the flowers or the chuppah, but of their reception. Which people to include, which dancing shot to keep. It’s all something I knew — as Ryan Brenizer said, “Capturing a moment or a person as they really are is what makes a photo so special to you” (paraphrased) — but sometimes photographers get so caught up in the craft that sometimes they drift away from this thesis. Moments. People.

I also sent off these beauties to Steven and David’s mother:

white leather wedding album white leather with black fontforbeyon linear bound

For those interested, both flushmount albums are 10×10″ with Black Bean leather covers. Nola and David requested a custom font. The two parent albums are 8×8″ with white leather.