We Will Be World Travelers

I find it interesting that I do a fair bit of talking about what I’m doing now, but don’t often talk about my long-term goals or far-reaching dreams. It’s usually about the here and now — how’s the business going this month? what books did I read last week? what wedding did I visit last weekend? — but I don’t really mention things that are happening (besides weddings that I’m excited about) in the near or far future.

So I thought I’d take a minute to write about traveling.

Back when I was a kid, my family and I would take an intercontinental trip every summer to visit family in Japan. I knew, even then, that that was not something that every family did. Because fares would cost less if we left before the official start of summer vacation, I usually skipped the last few days of school for our flight, and we’d stay in Japan for two months. My life was basically school from September to late May in America, then school from May to July in Japan, and then a month’s recuperation and resetting after jetlag during August; rinse and repeat. But we stopped doing that sometime in our high school years, as finals took more precedence, and my sister and I quit learning Japanese.

Since then, I haven’t really made time to really travel. I’m now coming up on my 10-year high school reunion and I’m getting closer to 30, and I’m realizing that the last long vacation I’ve taken was in 2006, to Europe (and though that was an amazing experience, it was also mostly a school trip) and Hawaii that winter. And that just makes me sad. Now that we’re older and we’re paying our own bills, it seems difficult to find the money — money, that could be better used for rent, or car maintenance, or just plain saving — to pay for travel. But I’ve been feeling the itch more and more lately that I’ve been in one place for too long.

Until a month ago, Walt didn’t even have a passport. Luckily, we had a good excuse to get him one.

puerto vallarta from wikimedia

In May, we’ll be visiting Puerto Vallarta for a long weekend as we celebrate my sister’s wedding. I’m super excited about this because I’ve never been to Mexico before (as well as the fact that my only sister is getting married)! We finalized our plans today, having purchased our airline tickets last month and our all-inclusive resort reservations today.

But even before that, I’ll be heading to a photography conference in Vancouver in April! I impulsively bought a seat for the conference last fall, and after some wishy-washy feelings on my part where I thought about dumping it, I finally committed to it fully by booking my flights this week. I’m excited about Vancouver in the spring!

And because we’re way overdue for a trip to see family in Japan, I’m going to try to persuade my sister to coordinate with me so we can take our husbands with us sometime in 2014! I’ll wait to pester her until after her wedding, though :)

Where do you want to travel? Or where have you recently traveled? Got any ideas where I should put on my dream destination list?

Photo of Puerto Vallarta from Wikimedia (public domain)

Hannah & Brent | Wedding at Woodlands Resort & Conference Center

sunset portrait bride groom woodlands

I adore Hannah and Brent. I know I say that about all my couples, and I mean it each time, but really — Hannah and Brent hired me way back in 2011, wanted to do a food fight for their engagement session, and quoted Wayne’s World a lot. I can’t really imagine a better introduction for these two amazing people. They were married at the Woodlands Resort and Conference Center outside, and held their rocking reception in The Glass.

I’m trying to write more about this wedding, but it’s hard to find the words. So let me sum up: Golf carts. Lettuce bouquets. Perfect Texas weather in February. JPL mashing up Gangnam Style and Cupid Shuffle. People dancing like crazy. Little wooden cats on their cake topper. Red wedding shoes. Bubbles.

Here are just a few of my favorite shots from Hannah and Brent’s wedding.

bridesmaids champagne toast bride puts dress on wedding garter bridal portraits backlit guys getting ready for wedding groom playing foosball with groomsmen woodlands resort first look sweet bride groom portrait people super tiny in corner of frame bride and groom portrait outdoor rustic wedding decor houston is a beautiful place to have a weddinglive band during wedding ceremony bride walks down aisle groom waits outdoor wedding ceremony prisming the wedding ceremony wedding ring exchange first kiss interesting composition red wedding shoes groom kissing bride on the cheek austin wedding photographer wedding brenizer method polka dotted wedding cake cute ring shots wedding toasts wedding toasts amazing backlight for wedding toasts wedding toasts wedding first dance father daughter dance mother son dance fun wedding reception photos gangnam style wedding reception bright dance shots fun wedding reception dancing raucous wedding guests establishing shot of woodlands resort the glass wedding bubble exit

A few more credits: Florals by Blooming Idea

Wedding Photography Wishlist (Redux)

Last year I posted my Wedding Photography Wishlist, and happily, a few of those items have been checked off. Let’s see…

Well, that’s good and all, but all the things I haven’t shot between last May and now…

  • a wedding with a piñata
  • a reception in an aquarium
  • a groom in dress blues
  • if you’ve got pink hair… well, let’s change this to any unconventional hair color!

So now let’s add to that list…

  • a wedding with fireworks (not just sparklers, but fireworks)
  • I know that weddings with big balloons were all the rage in 2009, but I missed out on it, so I’d like to bring that back.
  • any geeky themed wedding (Star Wars, LOTR, Harry Potter, etc.) — I’m a nerd, too! Let’s nerd out together!
  • 1930s-inspired (like Mary Crawley’s from Downton Abbey)
  • weddings with any of the following: French macarons, flower head crowns, or tons of polka dots
  • more proposals!

mary and matthew crawley

And venues! I still haven’t booked any past or future weddings at these locations, and I’m still dying to shoot at:

Along with a few more…

  • any wedding or session in an art gallery
  • a session at a ghost town
  • Barr Mansion – I’ve helped out at a few weddings there, but not one where I’ve been the primary shooter :)

ghost town photos 7

So come on, let’s do this! :)