Kat & Justin | Mayfield Park Wedding

artistic wedding photography

Green, green, green. I pulled my gear through the tiny gate at Mayfield Park and was struck with the greenery. Tall trees, stones overgrown with ivy, and green-blue-flecked dragonflies hovered like glistening glances off the ponds. Kat and Justin wanted to share their tiny, intimate wedding with friends and family amongst nature, hidden near downtown Austin.

Their celebration was relaxed; a few chairs for family and the rest of their friends stood during the sweet ceremony officiated by Kat’s mother; décor was limited to perfect flowers dropped stem-first into Topo Chico bottles, and the remainder was what the earth provided: peacocks, ponds, and blue blue blue skies.

In the end, the newly married couple played corn-hole on the grass, family dealt hands of cards and giggled over Jenga. I loved being there with Kat and Justin. Here are a few of my favorites from their day.

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Credits: Mayfield Park; BCBG dress; Doug Anthony (guitarist)

Barbie & Simon | Star Hill Ranch Wedding

star hill ranch wedding

A tiny sprinkling of rain didn’t dampen the spirits of Barbie and Simon, two D.C. residents who decided to have their amazing wedding at Star Hill Ranch in Austin! Barbie channeled a bit of Eva Green with an unfussy up-do secured with baby’s breath, red-red-red lipstick and a radiant smile. And I’m so glad that Simon is representing the three-piece suit, which I don’t see enough of nowadays — he looked so elegant and so classy, even while he was dancing up a storm on the dance floor that night!

The celebration was huge, full of grins, and topped with gold glitter sequins and lots of heavenly-scented pies. I can’t even begin to describe it to you in words, so hopefully photos will suffice. Here are some of my favorites from Barbie and Simon’s amazing day in September.

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More credits: Star Hill Ranch; Loxodonta Events; Pink Avocado for catering and pies; Tavia at LucieMarie (makeup); A-Town DJ; Bouquets of Austin

A Nikon D750 Review

Hey, folks! I know it’s busy season and I should be nose-deep in Lightroom right now, but I really wanted to share some information about my new D750. I excitedly pre-ordered a Nikon D750 when the camera was announced, and got it into my hands almost 2 weeks ago. I have had quite a few photographer friends ask me about it, so in order to spare myself the repetition, and to share some examples, I thought I’d just write a post about it! :)

Updating gear

I’ve had a chance to shoot 3 weddings and 1 session with the D750 since I’ve gotten it into my hands, and I feel like I can talk about its real-world applications. I had a photographer friend get upset with me for trying to sell my D3S, which is admittedly a powerhouse of a camera, so I feel like I should give my reasons for updating my gear:

  1. I’ve always loved the D700, except for the fact that it doesn’t have 2 card slots. I am (rightly, I feel) paranoid about card corruption for wedding clients and wanted to have an immediate backup. The size, shape, and weight of the D700 has always been what I prefer.
  2. I purchased a D3S for dual card slots and made it my primary wedding camera. Of course, the fast focus, AF-point spread, high ISO ability, and its ergonomics (the longer body “felt” better with denser lenses, because it better balanced the shift forward in weight) made the camera pretty awesome. The heaviness, however, hurt my wrist and I was finding new ways to try to keep myself in alignment after a wedding. Hauling a 3-lb weight (probably 5 after adding a few of my lenses on it) for 8 hours on only one side of your body can really mess with your back.
  3. I’d wanted to downgrade to a smaller body after a year with the D3S. Sure, my local camera store tried to sell me a D610, but I was so unenthusiastic about it that I returned my box without opening it. All of the reviews I’d heard about it was along the lines of, “Eh. It works, but it’s not great.” There was nothing available that would really compare, until now.

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